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The Simplest Way To Install A Shower


Before you venture out to fit in your shower unit, get the shower framing built in. Either you could do this on your own if you have some knowledge of shower frames or you can give our handyman a call to fix it up for you. In fact, while at it, it would be best to get the shower unit installed as well. Nevertheless, if you wish to install the shower unit on your own then here is what you have to do.

First, ensure that your unit has come with predrilled holes that shall allow the hot and cold water pipes to enter as well as the shower head. If not then cut them out after measuring the hole’s diameter. These shower units are made from hard plastic but be very careful when drilling holes into them to later secure them to the frame.

Once done with the holes, it is time to fit the unit into the shower frame. Get the help of a friend as this is not a single person job. With your friend, get the shower unit hoisted into place along with the plumbing intact taking care so as not to break any edges. Once the unit is fit into the frame screw in the joints to the holes you drilled in previously.

The penultimate step is to install the water knobs connecting with the hot and cold water inlet pipes, shower head and drain piece properly so that the unit is water tight and does not leak water into the wooden frame. For the outside regions, use silicone sealant. Finally chalk up the seams and check if there are any leaks. Check for the same with the water knobs and the shower head to complete all diagnostics.

Finally, install the shower glass over the shower frame. For this first put up a wall of green board over the frame and regular sheet rock over the sides. Then seal the wall and floor around the shower using a silicon sealant. Make sure that this seal is perfect as this is where most of the seepage happens.

If you want some professional help then feel free to give us a call and we at London Handyman Services shall be glad to send over a qualified handyman for fitting in a shower unit.